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The BEST Legal Muscle Building Steroid/Supplement (That actually WORKS and will give you the EDGE YOU NEED)

Regarding some of our previous posts you should know by now we don't BUY into Mainstream/Society way of thinking.So we deeply do recommend against supplements but we might have to make an exception for THIS PRODUCT

The average Joe will go to the gym and will work extra hard and work out the old fashioned way to gain muscle. They'll look over to the guy next to them that is probably benching 600lbs with trunk like arms and chest and they'll say "if i work hard enough i'll eventually get there". If only they knew that in reality, it's almost impossible to get that god-like physique without some edge.


Of course not, but your body will never be sculpted like a Greek God physique unless you have some freaky ass genetics. And even if you were to reach perfect aesthetics, the time consumed is kind of not worth it. This site is about GETTING RESULTS, it's not about being politically correct.
Zyzz achieved this god like physique with steroids.
He admitted it himself.
We advise you WORK SMARTER, instead of working harder. Why on earth, would you work harder when life already has it's own challenges?

Cheating or not, what matters is the results. Of course you have to take your health into consideration.


We recommend a product called  Crazy Mass that is a Designer Steroid which basically means it is a Pro Hormone approved to be legally safe and there are no ingredients that might put your health at risk.

We promise you that this Product will help you see improvements in the Gym whether your goal is strength, bulking up, getting ripped, or stamina.

Crazy Mass


Dave M. - Seattle, WA:  Ive taken probably every dbol product on the market.. spent thousands. Even the injections. Some work, but this is the best. Great price and good results. exceed my expecations. Looking forward to trying Clen next.

Wilson R. - Detroit, MI:  I noticed my Stamina jump in just days and my strength in about 10days, I get awesome pumps and can see my body changing. I'm newer to lifting but can tell this product works after about 2 weeks.

Nate V. - Boston, MA:  I've used D-KA for 2 cycles now and the results keep getting better. I've gained over 80lbs on my bench and 130lbs on my squat. I really like how it helps my body recover and sooth my joints.

Will K. - Wooster, OH:  I have been taking Decka for about 3 weeks...lots of strength increase and really bulked up nicely. I did not see that coming and it really shows. The guys at the gym are all amazed. Shipping was really fast too.


Crazy Mass is the real deal if you are looking to either build muscle or loose fat fast. Like we stated earlier, We're not big fans of supplements but we gave this a try and the results were noticeable in 30 days (Will update pictures next time). So It really is worth the try.We got you guys a coupon so if you decide to BUY IT STRAIGHT FROM THIS WEBSITE BY CLICKING THE BANNER AD, you'll get a special deal of 20% off OR Buy 2 bottles, GET ONE FREE. Yep, We're that nice so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT OFFER, while it is still available.
Crazy Mass

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We're so convinced you'll LIKE THE PRODUCT that we will give you 100% Money back guarantee.

In order to file a complaint or ask for money back guarantee
You MUST take a Before/ After picture and send a complaint to:
We'll get your Refund from the Manufacturer Guaranteed!!!

The Truth Behind Steroids

(This article is for Educational Purposes only. This article is not suggesting anyone should ever use illegal substances, if illegal in your country, unless medically necessary and with a Doctor’s supervision and guidance.)

Steroids have gotten a bad rap lately, and no matter where you live there is always stories of steroids causing all sorts of problems. Ranging from over aggression to some sort of bizarre death. I've believed that from the majority of  my life until i began to question and do my own research. This website always recommends you don't take advice without questioning it whether it be professional advice or that old creepy guy that seems to stalk you every now and then. You should always question your beliefs and any advice you get, even from me.


Here is the fact that everyone has been lying to you about. The Majority of Bodybuilders use steroids. Do you really think Ronnie Coleman's body is achievable for someone that is NOT on the juice? Compare the physiques of bodybuilders before steroids existed and the bodybuilders now and you tell me yourself if that is humanely possible. The TRUTH is the Muscle Industry wants you to believe it is easy to get that kind of physique if you take their precious supplement stacks of Creatine, Whey Powder, and all that bullshit which you can buy for an OVER PRICED amount of money. The Muscle Industry is a multimillionaire company that pays bodybuilders to advertise their supplements on magazines and online sources *COUGH *COUGH (
Steroids are used by a huge amount of people to attain great shape, strength and endurance but your local gym rats will NEVER confess to that!


Now Ronnie a monster
The simple answer to that question is YES and NO. But I'll be more detailed than that. Most of what you hear about steroids is mostly bullshit and myth just like the Greek Gods of Ancient Greece (If you're still a believer in the Greek Gods...i'm only kidding). Steroids DOES NOT make you go crazy or overly fact it just amplifies the person's characteristic traits. Thanks to the Media, everyone has this misconception that they'll turn into some sort of monster and start pimp slapping their girlfriends or turn into an overly depressed sociopath. Steroids is basically nothing but testosterone (the hormone that your own body creates) except steroids are synthetically man made in the lab. An increase in testosterone definitely means an increase in strength,muscularity, deeper voice, increase in confidence and sexual appeal, and an increase in libido. Basically you become a "He-Man"
The ONLY DOWNSIDE is most steroid users and meat heads are not correctly informed on how to dose and cycle properly. I recommend you perform this with close medical supervision (There are ways to get your doctor to prescribe you steroids, but that's for another post...stay tuned).
If not done correctly the risks are fatal..just Google "Gregg Valentino" if you've never heard of him and learn from his mistakes.

Hope that cleared something up and STAY TUNED for more. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Top 5 Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.

Most guys make at least one of these 5 muscle-building mistakes. Don’t be one of them.

The cold hard truth of reality is that you can workout a few times a week, eat healthy and still struggle to gain a single pound of  muscle. This can truly be  frustrating for most of us, and can lead some to loose hope completely.

This is really important. How can you expect to gain anything by eating 1,500 calorie a day? You NEED to eat BIG in order to get BIG. That doesn't give you the right to eat every fast food that comes your way. It sure is possible to gain muscle on fast food, but most of your weight will be fat and can have a high potential risk on your health. Back in the beginning stages of Bodybuilding, I'd eat six times a day and i thought i was eating big. When i decided to start counting my calories, i found out i was only eating  at most 2,000 calories. For some reason i never counted calories until 6 month in to this whole fitness gig. I always thought it would take too long or it'd be too much work. TRUST ME, it only takes about 10 second to figure out how many calories you're getting in. You should be getting in at least 3,000 calories a day. I know that sounds like too much but it can easily be done. I'd recommend eating 4 big meals about 600 calories each and drinking a gallon of milk a day. GOMAD (Gallon Of Milk A Day) is now a popular method for most people who are trying to gain weight. Another alternative is to drink 1-3 Home gainer shakes in between meals. you can look up recipes for home made gainer shakes online....there are thousands of recipes available. A shake usually has 500-1000 calories a drink so it's a good substitute for a meal or to get extra calories in.

If You are not lifting heavy, then you're just wasting your time. All that bodybuilding routine that you read in magazines and online is utter bullshit. It is basically to sell supplements. Especially your first year of working out should consist of mainly focusing on compound lifts and lifting heavier each workout. A guy that squats 400 lbs will always look bigger than a guy that struggles to squat 135 lbs. A guy that benches 300 lbs will ALWAYS have a bigger chest than someone that can barely lift 200 lbs. Simply put:
It is really not THAT complicated. I'd recommend a program like "Starting Strength" or "Strong Lifts". Go Google them right now if you've never heard of them. Here is a picture of Ryan Kelly, a famous power lifter who currently holds world record of bench pressing 1075 lbs.
Ryan Kelly is a living proof that more strength means more mass.

Muscle is built when you're sleeping NOT when you are working out. The basic science behind it is that when you work out you are stressing and tearing down muscle fibers. Along a good diet, your body builds muscle as you recover. You should always aim for 7-10 hours of sleep a day. when you sleep, your body goes into an anabolic state which is crucial for building muscle.

This can not be emphasized enough. Compound lifts must be the "core" of your workout if you're planning to gain strength or GET BIG. Compound lifts include the Squat, Dead lift  Bench Press, Bent over rows, Over head Press, and the Power Clean. Most people waste their time doing isolation exercises such as curls and incline dumbbell flyes for high repetition when they should instead be Squatting HEAVY. 

Large 200-pound and above bodybuilders know they can get an extra inch or so out of their arms by doing curls and triceps isolation exercises. They want the extra size, regardless of whether it translates into real strength. But don’t be fooled. These big fellows didn't get huge by ignoring the compound lifts. The huge guys in any bodybuilding gym paid their dues with compound moves when they were developing, just like every other successful weight lifter. 
Small Lifters do isolation exercises because they don't know any better.
Have you ever had a friend or a family member say.."you know what i'm going to get shredded by next year"...then one year later they still look exactly the same. When you ask what happened they start giving you all types of lame excuses to why they didn't succeed. Giving up will never get you anywhere. Most people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to bodybuilding  thanks to the media advertising their "magic pill/workout" (Which by the way is usually bullshit). It usually takes a good year or two to see some drastic improvement. Does that sound too much of hard work for you? If yes, then i suggest you leave because you don't have what it takes and you can continue to fantasize about a "Perfect Life". To be honest you'll see improvements throughout the year but they'll be small. You'll start to see your arm get bigger little by little. Your chest will probably begin to puff up slowly. But these minor improvements will keep you motivated. So just STAY IN THERE and know you're moving toward the right roadblock to success.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Fundamentals of Getting Laid



The fundamentals consists of Looks, Logistics, Not giving a Fuck, and your Mindset.


Where do I even begin? Looks matter and no matter how good your so called "game" is if you don't have this down to pat, you're not getting top shelf pussy (you might be able to land you a fatty, if you're lucky).
I see guys hitting on hundreds of chicks when they look like complete shit. Sure you might eventually land you a girl that is drunk or ugly or desperate 1/1000 times but is that really worth it? Fix your style and looks!!!  LET'S BE REAL FOR A MOMENT, you're living in the REAL world where people constantly judge each other based on looks and first impressions unlike what Hollywood movies portrays...SURPRISE SURPRISE.
  • If you're fat, lose the weight. If you're skinny, BULK UP.
  • Your Haircut? Go to a nice barber and get a decent cut that compliments your attributes.
  • If you have glasses, Ditch them now!!!! Get contacts or laser eye surgery (if you can afford it). 
  • Change your wardrobe (wear edgy sexy clothing) and STOP WEARING BORING CLOTHES LIKE 95% of the guys.
  • If you have acne or pimples, get rid of it.
  • Fix your teeth, get a tan if you're pale etc
We will have a post on Looks/style very soon so stay tuned.

This guy gets what i'm saying. He is dressed edgy and has a bad boy look


Now if you are going to fuck a girl, then how the hell are you going to have sex with her if you live with your parents (depends on who your parent is). Here is a list of suggestion that will definitely help.
  • Move out and get your OWN place.
  • If you live in a small town, move to an area with a high population (High population=More Chicks).
  • If your place is far away or you can't afford to live on your own, I suggest you look for close by family bathrooms, or private area to pull your girl.


If you are planning to approach & bed women then you must learn the lost art of not giving a fuck. Because let me tell you the cold hard will get rejected ALOT, so you can't afford to care about every little interaction.Some people have what is called Approach Anxiety, which is being nervous and getting the butterflies before approaching a hot girl. We all have it when we first start out. Some get rid of it faster than others depending on the amount of work they put in. The only advice i can give you on getting rid of approach anxiety is to do the old fashioned 1000 approach challenge. The challenge is basically to approach 1000 women (which usually take 3-6 months to complete). If you were to approach 3-5 women a day, you'll have approached at least 140 women a month. Don't worry I'll be writing specific and step by step guidelines to get rid of your fears, so 'll address the issue later on.


The mentality and mindset you have has a great deal of effect on your ability to lay women. RIGHT NOW, I want you to ERASE AND FORGET EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT PICKING UP WOMEN.No one will tell you this, but going out and picking up women is a numbers game...THAT'S RIGHT.On a given day/night there will be a given amount of girls that would like you and a certain percentage will find you unattractive. Realize 95% of the women you approach want nothing to do with you. That means if you were to approach 100 women, only 1-5 of the women would be willing to sleep with you. It is all a number's game and if a girl finds  you attractive and is down to fuck, all you have to do is make moves and lead her to your bedroom. All legit players know this, and they never waste their time with girls that don't find them attractive. Instead they try to fuck the girls that already like them...simple huh? Who said getting laid had to be difficult? Just STOP trying to make a specific girl like you or saying a perfect line or doing things that will "win her over"...THIS IS NOT A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, this is real life and in REAL LIFE, none of that BULLSHIT WORKS. What you say and do does NOT matter. Either a girl  likes you or she doesn't.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------On the next upcoming posts, I'll be writing "how to guides" on filtering girls that are NOT down to fuck so you know who to not waste your time with. I'll also post on how to go from the approach to having the girl in your bed SO STAY TUNED.

Good luck, go out there and take action. 

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What This Site Will Include (First Post)


WARNING: Our advice is raw and uncensored.This site includes HARDCORE NO BULLSHIT ADVICE for men who are looking to turn their life around. This is a "Get Laid" Site and we push extreme behavior  so this may not be for everyone. Everything here comes from legit experience that has been tested and tried.The site include mature contents that may contain offensive language,nudity, and recreational drug use so Viewer Discretion is advised!!!



This site offers you the tools and information to help YOU live your life as you've always desired.
We can not force you to take our advice
Realize your life is ending one second at time, so waste it wisely.

     We will be updating this blog on a weekly basis and here are some of the things we will cover that YOU might find interesting:

  1. Approaching women/Screening
  2. Meeting again having sex with them
  3. Bathroom pulls, One night stand,Same day lays
  4. Keeping them as your Fuck buddy
  5. Relationship advice
  6. How to have 3somes and orgy
  7. Muscle building- Diet,Workout, recommended products, and cy
  8. Proper use of Steroids,Proper Cycling,Trouble shooting
  9. Fat loss No bullshit diet and info on how to propperly shred fat.
  10. Powerlifting/strongmen workouts
  11. Growing a bigger dick-penis exercises
  12. Jelquing
  13. Products that will efficiently increase your size
  14. sexual performance enhancement techniques (Lasting Longer)
  15. Looks/Style guideline to dressing EDGY
  16. Approach anxiety program
  17. Simple exercises to help you "Not give a fuck"
  18. how to make money-Be rich, own a bussiness, etc
  19. Giving her orgasms
  20. Learning how to fight(Self defense articles, recommended cheap classes, etc)
And much much more...

So STAY TUNED AND FOLLOW OUR BLOG, if you don't want to miss out on all the FREE content we have to give out.

Until Then Live your life and
                      "DO WHATEVER THE FUCK                               YOU WANT TO DO!"